How Octet is helping customers

  • Financial Service

    Key Management System

    Security API enables the implementation of the most important blockchain feature, key management service
  • Custody

    Virtual Asset Security

    Developer API provides enhanced security with the protection against internal hacking and security audits
  • Private Wallet

    Deposit/Withdrawal Manage

    Developer API enables effective management of individual transactions. Octet provides blockchain wallet service without the burden of server costs
  • Node Service

    Transaction Management

    Developer API offers intuitive management of blockchain transactions. Octet allows users to check and verify blockchain data without the burden of server costs
  • Education

    Blockchain Dev Tutorial

    Simple by following the blockchain development tutorials on Developer API, users can easily built blockchain-enabled services.
  • Infrastructure

    Testbed for Infrastructure

    Based on 15 Mainnet APIs, users can choose the desired blockchain mainnet networks based on the needs. Octet allows users to compare and review the different blockchain mainnets with minimized costs.
  • Data Monitoring

    Real-time Data Recording

    Security API allows effective recording and monitoring of all data on blockchain.
  • Prepaid Card

    Virtual Asset Transfer

    Developer API provides full-compatibility on web, mobile app, and hardware devices

Customer Support

Who can I talk to if I have questions?

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