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  • Introduction
  • Features
  • API Functions
  • Why Octet?


Tech Guide

Hexlant Octet

  • Introduction

    Visualize your blockchain ideas into a reality

    Octet is the most easy-to-use blockchain developers tool. It allows you to accelerate your business
    without the burden of countless hours of engineering. Build your blockchain service with Octet.

    1. · Developers can focus on building the blockchain service without the difficult library development
    2. · Producers can explore blockchain business without the restrictions of blockchain protocols
    3. · Operators can deliver the highest quality of customer service
  • Features

    Octet is for all developers, regardless of expertise level

    1. · From entry-level students to experienced developers, Octet is made for all developers
    2. · Easy-to-use : Octet provides free learning resources for building your first blockchain service
    3. · Secured : Octet safeguards your service with institutional-grade security with banks
    4. · No burden : Octet optimizes your blockchain infrastructure costs with performance-oriented solution
  • API Functions

    Octet provides API solution compatible with blockchain's A to Z

    Mainnet API

    1. · Real-time updates of blockchain protocols
    2. · Extensive blockchain data is offered in Octet database
    3. · SLA system support for critical issues

    Developer API

    1. · Octet securely processes over 10 million customer requests daily
    2. · Octet offers seamless real-time updates on API based on the extensive customer portfolio
    3. · Octet supports the most widely utilized protocols and new protocols are made available on a regular basis

    Security API

    1. · Octet offers security designed to meet institutional standards
    2. · Comprehensive monitoring to detect hacking attempts
    3. · Octet allows users to periodically receive comprehensive security audit reports
  • Why Octet?

    Stability. Usability. Security.


    1. Virtual asset exchanges require an average of 5.7 blockchain protocol support. With Octet, various blockchain protocols can be implemented on virtual asset exchanges without the hassle of developing multiple APIs for each blockchain protocol
    2. · Integration of blockchain protocols
    3. · Transaction API with best-in-class security


    1. Octet Key Management used by financial institutions to safeguard and manage Bitcoin and Ethereum
    2. · Multi-signature support
    3. · Secure-MPC support

    Virtual Asset Wallet

    1. Real-time alert is supported for virtual asset wallet for stable operation
    2. · Webhook API support
    3. · Token(ERC-20) transaction API support

    Blockchain Explorer

    1. Blockchain data providers utilizes Full History Node to secure data recorded on blockchain
    2. · Full History Node API Support
    3. · JSON-RPC Support

    DApp or Game

    1. Blockchain-based games that require a back office within the blockchain service use the internal transaction history management function.
    2. · Balance check support
    3. · Individual balance check support

    Development Testbed

    1. To learn and test blockchain technology, token generation and transfer functions are used.
    2. · Token create support
    3. · Transaction integrity API support

Secured and Simplified, Octet

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