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Why Octet?

  • Choose any Mainnet
    you want

    We support 23 Mainnets, and there are more to come. Develop less by choosing any Mainnets you want from Octet. Mainnet API
  • Build NFT, P2E games,
    and Metaverses

    Web3 products require blockchain technology. Quickly build the product you want with Octet API. Developer API
  • Comply the Travel Rule
    more easily

    Deposit, Storage, and Withdrawal are essential for blockchain services. Octet provides a security API that follows the Travel Rule. Security API

Octet is built for all developers.

  • Bitcoin Mainnet API

    First P2P blockchain network

  • Ethereum Mainnet API

    Network with smart contract feature

  • Polygon Mainnet API

    Networks that work with Ethereum

  • Node RPC Support Developer API

    Octet supports essential RPC functions provided by the mainnet network

  • Enterprise Wallet Developer API

    Octet helps users to build virtual asset exchanges · lending services · wallet services

  • Blockchain Explorer Developer API

    Octet allows users to browse all transaction history of a specific address

  • On-chain Analytics Developer API

    Octet provides easy-to-read
    analytics of on-chain data

  • Key Management Security API

    Octet supports multi-sig by each mainnet networks, safely stores private keys

  • Suspicious TX Report Security API

    Octet provides address information
    of sender and receiver

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Customer Success Story

  • Financial Industry
  • Wallet Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Blockchain Education
  • Bithumb Custody - Hexlant Partnership
    for digital asset custody.

    Hexlant provides custody technology
    for Bithumb Custody to safeguard digital assets. Connect with us
  • Virtual asset wallet implemented
    in Syrup Wallet with Octet

    Developer API and Security API allows building secure wallet service Connect with us
  • KlaytnPhone Wallet, preloaded on Samsung Galaxy Note 10, was built with Octet

    Mainnet API helps you establish environment for Klaytn Connect with us
  • Octet is an official blockchain developers tool for Chung-ang University

    Based on actual development examples, you can create your blockchain service. Connect with us

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Hexlant Octet operational 24/7?
    Yes, Hexlant Octet is fully operational without any interruption.
    Every customer is assigned with dedicated Octet experts to provide seamless communication.
  • Is Hexlant Octet secure?
    Octet is protected with Hexlant’s encrypted algorithm.
    Additionally, Octet is regularly audited to meet rigorous standards for institutional-grade security.
  • Can entry-level developers use Octet?
    Yes. Octet offers developer API scenarios that entry-level developers can follow to build blockchain services.
  • What is the update/maintenance policy?
    Octet is automatically updated in rolling deployment manner.
    Maintenance only occurs when there is an update on blockchain mainnet or additional APIs are newly implemented in Octet.
  • How does Octet pricing work?
    Octet offers you a monthly subscription approach for pricing for blockchain infrastructure service.
    Your monthly subscription model can either be based on the number of API calls or simply fixed subscription fee.
  • How long does it take for engineers to integrate Hexlant Octet?
    It takes about 3 days on average for mainnet integration, and 5 days for legacy service to integrate Octet API.
  • Is Octet customizable?
    Octet offers customized API upon customer’s requests. Additional charges may apply for customized services.

Secured and Simplified, Octet

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